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Updated on: January 15, 2023
2989 West Rock Quarry Road, Buford, GA, 30519
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The Phillips State Prison is a medium-security state prison situated in Buford, Georgia. The Phillips State Prison opened its doors back in 1993. The Phillips State Prison can house over 5,000 inmates at any given time.

The Phillips State Prison has a reception center for all incoming inmates into the Georgia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Typically inmates in the Phillips State Prison will be here anywhere from two to three months. This is while staff processes their health records and criminal records along with assessing their social and physiological needs before sending them off to a prison that will fit their needs.

While inmates are here at the North Kern State PRison, they will have the opportunity to enroll in educational programs.

The Kern Valley State Prison and the Phillips State Prison are only one mile away from each other. The Kern Valley State Prison houses around 4,800 inmates. However, Gwinnett County is known for its large prison population throughout the United States.

Then in the early 1990s, Georgia went through the rapid growth of inmates. This caused many of the rural counties to lobby to build a prison due to the fact of the job and health care opportunities that the facility would provide for their employees.

Buford was one of these rural cities within the counties that lobbied for a prison. The Phillips State Prison opened its doors in 1993 and since then the city has seen rapid growth. Prior to the two state correctional facilities were designed and built, Buford was known as a small rural city with a huge migrant worker population.

The two correctional facilities developed this once small rural city into an urban city. Residents of Buford reaped the benefits of getting a new sewage system as well as a brand new electrical infrastructure, along with housing and retail developments.

Phillips State Prison is exclusively a male-only state prison. The Phillips State Prison currently houses around 4,200 inmates, which is 170-percent more than it was designed for. The Phillips State Prison was only designed to house up to 2,447 inmates. Most of these inmates in Phillips State Prison are housed in the reception center. These inmates are typically waiting to be transferred out to their permanent state prison.

The main general population inmates are not as dangerous as the reception center inmates. The general population inmates will have much more privileges handed to them. One big privilege is that they can have the opportunity to work outside the Phillips State Prison. Out of the 1,400 general population inmates the Phillips State Prison houses, only around 800 of these inmates will be living behind the electric fence, while the other 400 inmates will live behind a regular chain link fence.

General population inmates will have jobs within the facility. These jobs can consist of laundry, kitchen, library, education, and sometimes cleaning up highways. All general population inmates will be living in dorms. All general population inmates will also have the opportunity to participate in reentry and educational programs.

All inmates who are in the reception center will be there for around two to three months before they are transferred to their permanent state prison. all reception center inmates will be held behind the electric fence. If an inmate is approved, they may have a job within side the Phillips State Prison.

The Phillips State Prison is no stranger to overcrowding. All cells are now double-bunked cells. However, the sewage system here at the Phillips State Prison was not built to hold such a large population. This has caused numerous toxic spills.

The Phillips State Prison has three fences enclosing the facility. Two fo the fences are razor wire fences while the third fence is an electric fence that is snuggled in the middle of the two razor wire fences.  There are a few guard towers around the perimeter of Phillips State Prison.

The Phillips State Prison offers a number of programs to its inmates. Most of these programs will be educationally based as many inmates coming into the facility does not have a high school education.

The Phillips State Prison has two preeminent gangs that are within the walls of the facility; Paisas and Surenos.

Inmates in the Phillips State Prison will be eligible to receive visitors. Inmates are responsible for providing a list of all potential inmates with contact information to the appropriate staff members. Inmates will be eligible to have visitors, but this will depend on what their custody and security level is.

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Phillips State Prison
2989 West Rock Quarry Road, Buford, GA, 30519

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Jail Name Phillips State Prison
Jail Type State Prison
Authority: Georgia Department of Corrections
State Georgia
County Gwinnett County
Web Page website
Address 2989 West Rock Quarry Road, Buford, GA, 30519
City Buford
Zip 30519
Phone 770-932-4500


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