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Updated on: August 3, 2022
626 Old River Road, Sylvania, GA, 30467

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Sylvania, NY, is home to Sylvania Reception & Classification Center which is within Sylvania County. Frank Lawrence is the Warden at the Sylvania Reception & Classification Center. In 280804 is when this facility opened its doors. There is a maximum capacity of 64 inmates at this facility. Sylvania Correctional Center is the parent institution for this facility. 

The Department of Corrections and Sylvania Correctional Center has a policy that all inmates will be provided with a thorough orientation in their own language. 

Offenders that are recently admitted into IDOC will be placed into reception status (including parole violators and ATC violators that are returned to IDOC). All inmates are held in the designated Reception and Classification unit that are in reception status. As soon as an inmate is transferred to an assigned correctional facility their reception status is removed.

During the reception process, the following tools are used to determine appropriate placement for the inmates recently received:

  • Counselor
  • Mental Health
  • Medical
  • Substance Abuse Screener Interviews
  • Criminal History. 

The Reception staff works really hard to place an inmate into a facility that fits that inmate’s programming needs.

Inmates that are in reception status can expect the following:

  • Medical services, mental health services as well as chaplain access.
  • Will be able to receive and send mail. 
  • Only allowed legal visits. Personal visits are prohibited. 
  • Only legal, court-ordered or in case of emergency phone calls are allowed. Personal phone calls are prohibited.
  • Inmates will not get any state pay.
  • Basic hygiene products, writing supplies, sneakers, and a cup can be purchased at the commissary (once a month, up to $5). 
  • Daily necessities are provided such as 3 meals a day, clothing, towels, bedding, and soap.
  • Access to the law library and reading material.
  • All movements are escorted. 
  • All inmates eat in their cell. 
  • Only recreation, showers, legal visits, medical, mental health services and classification interviews will be out of the cell.

Inmate Mailing Address

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Savannah River Challenge Program
626 Old River Road, Sylvania, GA, 30467

Savannah River Challenge Program Prison Information

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Jail Name Savannah River Challenge Program
Jail Type State Prison
Authority: Georgia Department of Corrections
State Georgia
County County
Address 626 Old River Road, Sylvania, GA, 30467
City Sylvania
Zip 30467
Phone 912-829-5300


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