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Updated on: April 30, 2020
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, OH, 44505
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The Ohio State Prison is commonly known as the Ohio State Penitentiary. The Ohio State Prison is licensed to house up to 502 inmates at any given time. The Ohio State Prison is managed and operated under the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in Youngstown, Ohio.

Within the last two hundred years, there were at least two correctional institutions that carried the name Ohio State Penitentiary or the Ohio Penitentiary. However, the first prison was located in Columbus, Ohio.

Inmates who are housed in the Ohio State Prison in levels 5A and 5B are either inmates who failed to adapt to institution life, or they are active ring leaders/participants that creates a huge security threat.

However, inmates housed in the Ohio State Prison level 4, will have the same similar cells that the 5A and 5B have, but they will a bit more freedom to move within the cell blocks. Inmates who are in level 4B will also have the opportunity to exercise within their cell blocks, but they will need to be locked down in their cells prior to any correctional officers entering their cell blocks, to serve food along with random checks. However, inmates who are in level 4A will not have that restriction set upon them.

Many of inmates on Ohio’s death row were housed right here in Ohio State Prison. But, back in January of 2012, many of the inmates on death row were transferred from the Ohio State Prison and put into the Chillicothe Correctional Institution.  The Ohio State still has its death row cells though. These cells are reserved for the highest security risk inmates. In 2019, six maximum-security death row inmates called the Ohio State Prison. Four of these inmates were a part of the 1993 Lucasville prison riot in the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.

The Ohio State Prison is home to inmates in security levels of 1, 3, 5, and 5. Inmates who are in the security level of 1 will be housed right out the perimeter fence in their own separate building. However, inmates who are in the segregation block will be under lockdown, but the inmates will still be permitted to use the restrooms and showers.

Originally the Ohio State Prison, when it was more commonly known as the Ohio Penitentiary, was situated in Columbus, Ohio. However, this facility was later demolished in 1998. This facility was demolished to make room for the Arena District. During the time the Ohio Penitentiary was around, it was home to many notable inmates. Some of these notable inmates include O. Henry, the novelist, and James H. Snook.  When the American Civil War was going on, the Ohio Penitentiary was home to many members of the John Hunt Morgan’s Confederate cavalry. However, many of Morgan’s men were able to successfully escape the Ohio Penitentiary and return back down south.

Then in January of 2011, there were three men that were currently on Ohio’s Death Row. These men were Carlos Sanders, Jason Robb, and Keith LaMar. They went through a twelve-day hunger strike. The reason behind the twelve-day hunger strike was due to the fact they were not getting equal privileges and treatment as the other inmates on death row in Ohio. The three men believed they were not getting the same privileges and treatment due to their participation in the 1993 Lucasville riot in the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.

These inmates inspiration came from the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike, which lasted around 53 days. The inmates had demands they wanted to be fulfilled. These demands where access to sunlight, more time away from their cells, warm-weather clothing being sold in the prison’s commissary, and more food.  The three men also asked for access to legal and news databases along with semi-contact visits.

During the strike, these three inmates met the Warden of the Ohio State Prison to sign and negotiate an agreement with their demands listed. They finally received and signed an agreement on January 14, 2011. The inmates ended the hunger strike that same day.


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Jail Name Ohio State Prison
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