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Updated on: August 13, 2022
14355 North Bybee Lake Court, Portland, OR, 97203
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Did you just find out that someone you know has been arrested? You don’t have to fret, we know exactly what to do. The first step is ensuring the person was arrested in Multnomah County.

If an offender was arrested in Multnomah County, they will be held in the Multnomah County Wapato Facility which is located in Portland, Oregon. This jail houses male and female offenders who are 17 or older.

How it Works

Multnomah County Wapato Facility works like other county jails. It is essentially the first place an offender is taken when they are arrested. It is usually not a permanent situation. Most offenders are allowed to post bail and can be released until their sentencing court date.

If an inmate is unable to post bail for whatever reason, they will stay in the facility until they go to court. At court the time they were in county jail will be time served.

If an inmate is serving less than a year, they will serve their time in the county jail, however, if they are doing more than a year of time, they will be transferred to a state or federal prison.

What are My Next Steps

Once you find out an offender has been arrested, you will check the Multnomah County Wapato Facility Roster to ensure they have been booked. You may also find out about posting bail. If an inmate has money they want you to take, they can sign over their belongings to you.

If an inmate must stay and serve time, they will be able to get privileges such as visits and phone calls as well as commissary.

You can always find more information on the jail website.

Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

Address: 12240 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon, 97230
Phone: 503-255-3600
Email: [email protected]

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate Name, ID, Housing #
Multnomah County Wapato Facility
14355 North Bybee Lake Court, Portland, OR, 97203

Multnomah County Wapato Facility Prison Information

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Jail Name Multnomah County Wapato Facility
Jail Type County Jail
State Oregon
County Multnomah County
Web Page website
Address 14355 North Bybee Lake Court, Portland, OR, 97203
City Portland
Zip 97203
Phone 503-988-3689


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